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Moving Mountain School Bag

Moving Mountain School Bag initiative became a registered NGO in 2015 known as Pahal Nepal (MMN) and aims to provide every post-quake school child in Nepal with the basic tools for learning.

earthquakes in Nepal

Pahal Nepal (MMN) - is an initiative of Rewati Gurung and came about after the earthquake of April 25 2015 which rocked the foundations of Nepal. On May 12 there was a second major quake and the devastation that has wreaked havoc on this land and its people will be felt for generations. Tens of thousands of school children have lost their homes, family members, and friends.

At least 950,000 children in Nepal will not be able to return to school, unless urgent action is taken to provide temporary learning spaces and repair damaged school buildings following the 25 April earthquake
— UNICEF - 2015

Tea to Hospitals initiative

Rewati Gurung is a student of Development Studies and housewife who lives in Kathmandu. Soon after the earthquake on April 25th 2015, she started the 'Tea to Hospitals' initiative which provided 1500 cups of tea a day and 300 cooked eggs for patients, their families and employees of the Kathmandu Medical College Hospital and the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital in Kathmandu. 

In the days that followed, Rewati accompanied Food Relief and Medical teams to remote areas around Kathmandu and observed what was happening on the ground to provide for the immediate needs of the affected communities. Rewati felt a need to support these communities and it was a photograph of a child looking at an exercise book in the rubble of a home that inspired her to start the Moving Mountain School Bag project. The photograph on our welcome page was donated by Himal Neupane. 

Our aim is to move mountains

Pahal Nepal (MMN) aims to provide school children from the age of 4 to 12 with a basic school bag, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, notebooks - called 'copy' in Nepal - a whistle for emergencies and a pair of sandals as Rewati discovered children often come to school with nothing on their feet.

While the rest of Nepal and her International support partners and aid workers are concentrating on Food Relief, Shelter, Health and Safety, Rewati felt that the parents of children who had lost everything would find it hard to justify the purchasing of school materials before their basic needs of food and shelter had been met.

We strongly believe that education is the building blocks of the future of Nepal, and that by providing school bags immediately after this catastrophe school children are reminded that their education is the best way to move mountains.

Almost one million children who were enrolled in school before the earthquake could now find they have no school building to return to.
— Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF’s Representative in Nepal.

How do we do it?

We think of it like this: You donate for the bags - ready filled with what is needed - and we deliver them. Any project like this needs funds to start and funds to sustain the delivery of school bags for the large number of kids who lost everything. Funds for this initiative started with a few donations from friends and family. It is our intention to create a community of supporters who feel like we do that the changes that will help Nepal get back on its feet will start with education. 

We have researched manufacturers locally. By working locally we can control the design, quality, and delivery of the finished products quickly and reduce travel time and costs. Once they have been ordered we pack the bags according to the needs of each school. They only thing left to do is deliver them.  

It costs very little to give a child a school bag. Just USA $7.50  buys one complete bag and  contents and $15.00 for two. $250 buys enough for one class of more than 30 students. (We are urrently updating our donation system which will be availabe soon)


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Who We Are

Who we are

Pahal Nepal (MMN) is a registered NGO in Nepal, started by Rewati Gurung and Gary Wornell as a first response to the earthquakes of April 25th and May 12th in Nepal.

Our cooperative partners

Pahal Nepal (MMN) currently collects funds through a registered charity in Finland - Maya Nepal ry with funds transferred directly to Moving Mountain Nepal (NGO) . Our funding comes from the voluntary contributions of individuals directly through money transfer, bank transactions via social media networks and direct personal contacts. We are a fully accountable volunteer based support network providing resources for school children with the cooperation of local government offices. In 2018 Unatti Foundation partnered with Moving Mountain Nepal providing funding and support during our donation program.

Our Volunteers

Moving Mountain Nepal is a Nepali NGO and relies entirely on local Nepali volunteers only. For this reason we cannot include foreigners in our donation program. To read our Volunteer Guidelines please download and read this document: Volunteer Guidelines

Who our supporters are

Moving Mountain Nepal's supporters are people around the world who want to make a difference and to have that difference visible instantly and that is why each bag, each contributor is listed on Our Supporters page as proof of the work we are doing. Each school we deliver to compiles a list of the pupils and certifies the delivery of the bags in written documentation at the time of delivery. These records are available for examination against the funds received. Moving Mountain Nepal celebrates each donation with video and still photography records documented either by the delivery team when possible, or by the receiving school. These success stories are published in our news feeds as testament of the work we are doing.

Relief Team

Rewati Gurung

Gary Wornell. Finland


FUND RAISING, PUBLICITY, photography, video

Gary Wornell

Noorbin Rajbhandari

Tarja Petrell

Accounting Auditing

Niran Panta Nepal


Rewati Gurung talking to community members from Dalitbasti in Bahrabinse, Sindupalchowk.


Donate to Moving Mountain Nepal

Moving Mountain Nepal is now the registered NGO of Moving Mountain School Bag. Our work will continue to support school children in Nepal with a variety of new initiatives to help children continue their education. 

1) donate to support our work in schools

Using the Paypal button above you can donate directly to Moving Mountain Nepal. Your donation will be transferred to Moving Mountain Nepal and go towards our 2018 School Bag donation program. 

Have an idea you'd like to share? Write to us

If you would like to talk to us or have a special request to support Moving Mountain Nepal please drop us a line. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Moving Mountain Nepal team.  

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Our Supporters

With such generous support from around the world we have run out of space to include all your names on this page. So we have updated our supporters page to a simple 2 page PDF which you can download here

In 2018 Unatti Foundation partnered with Moving Mountain Nepal providing funding and support during our donation program. 

  • Shree Thanabhanjyan Lower Secondary School
    Thakani-8, Sindhupallchowk
  • Shree Dihi Primary School
    Thakani-9, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Thungedanda Primary School, Haibung-9, Sindupalchowk
  • Shree Batase Secondary School,
  • Shree Dihee Primary School, Thakani 9, Sindupalchok
  • Bachchhala Lower Secondary School, Nuwakot
  • Shree Mahadevsthan Primary school, Mahadevsthan, Dhading
  • Shree Higher Secondary School Ladhavir, Daudhali, Sindhuli
  • Shree Salme Primary School
    Thakani-4, Dandakateri, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Chipling Primary School
    Thakani-8, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Jana Jeevan Higher Secondary School
    Pokali, Okhaldhunga
  • Shree Sundardanda Primary School
    Thumpakhar-2, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Bhumesthan Pre-Primary School
    Bhotechour-2, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Shivpuri Primary School
    Bhotechour-1, Sindhupalchowk
  • Shree Chamuna Devi lower Secondary School
    Thumpakhar, Sindhupalchowk
  • Camp HOPE, Nayabasti, Bauddha



Your FAQs



The main reason was that much of that work was already being done by so many individuals, NGO's and INGO's. We wanted to target our support toward the children - the future decision makers of Nepal - the young and vulnerable - at a time when all the energy of support would be on their communities in terms of housing, food and medical support.

We felt that to tell the children, through the school bag gift, that they have value - they must continue their education no matter what obstacles come in the way and that they are important, loved and valued members of their communities.

We feel that your mind is the house where you will spend all your life and that this building project will serve you best, no matter what external forces destroy the roof over your head.


Moving Mountain Nepal is now a registered NGO in Nepal, and is no longer only collecting donations for Moving Mountain School Bag. Moving Mountain Nepal will operate as a separate entity in the future to support projects aimed at school children and initiated during the post-quake relief initiatives.


It was our intention to source everything locally - as close to home as possible to reduce transportation costs and be able to talk with the manufacturers when we want to improve or change something. Therefore - except for the pencils - which are made in India, all the contents and bags are made in Kathmandu. Our philosophy is to keep everything local and support local business in this difficult time.


After each distribution of bags to a school we receive a signed and stamped document from the school principal to say exactly what was received in the bags and how many were delivered.